Sharing Your Time & Talents:

* Make an entire meal (dessert included) and drop it off at a neighbors house with the card - also works for shut-ins and elderly!

* Mow and weed your neighbors yard without warning & tape the card to their front door!

* Offer to babysit some children so the parents can have a date night (and don’t take any money)!

* Offer your skills at the local nursing / retirement homes (mechanical, carpentry, plumbing)!

* Create a gift box for our local active military!

Sharing Your Treasure:

* Buy the meal of the car behind you in the fast food drive-thru (even if it’s a family)!

* Leave your waitress a huge tip ($20 and the card) - also works with a pizza delivery guy!

* Purchase a fuel gift card and give it to the attendant to give to the driver behind you!

* Give a gift-card to a public servant!

* Buy a ‘spiritual gift’ for someone who needs it!


Main Goal:

Showing love in simple,practical ways by sharing your time, talents, treasures with our community.

Here’s How It Works:

Do something really nice for someone - but don’t tell them that you did it…just leave the ‘you are loved!’ card (click on picture) so they will know why you did it!

Please fill in the blank area on the back with your first name! Also be sure to pray for that person/family while you do the good deed.

More Details:

Everyone will start with at least one card - you may have more if you’d like! Although there’s no minimum or maximum gift, please make yours count! And please make sure to keep track of all that you share so we can tell the story at the end!

You have less than two weeks

so what are you waiting for?



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