When someone gives themselves to another person in marriage it is a whole commitment of body, mind, and spirit. When someone makes a personal vow to their bride or groom, before God, family, and friends - it is a covenant, to that person for eternity. It is the same when a person comes to know Jesus as their person Savior, the new believer makes a covenant to follow Him for eternity. It is only a natural progression that when a person starts attending a church, gets involved, and then becomes a member they are making a commitment to God to be committed to other people within the "glocal" (global and local) Jesus community.

  At Sanctuary Church we firmly believe that membership within the local body of Christ is a true reflection of one's obedience to God as His child. We also believe that Christians should not become members of a local body and then sit back on auto pilot, waiting for others to do the work, until the return of Christ. For this reason we ask all who desire membership in our church to sign a yearly "membership covenant." This promise to God is exactly that, a promise between the member and God to serve Him, the church, and the community around them.

  • I have given my life to Jesus Christ and have received His forgiveness for my sins.
  • I am in agreement with Sanctuary Church's mission statement, core values, and statement of faith.
  • I am placing myself under the spiritual direction and care of Sanctuary Church's Pastor's and leadership.
  • I will live the gospel and share my faith with others.
  • I will deepen my knowledge of the Bible and help others grow spiritually.
  • I will give my first portion of income to the Lord.
I will serve the Lord by...


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*Separate covenant for each member.

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