"The goal of the Christian life is to live like Jesus did here on earth. Unfortunately most in Christendom, the vast majority of church-goers live like Christ was never born, never walked the earth, and never died to secure their salvation. The question is who is to blame? The focus is almost always directed in two ways: First at Divinity. It's easy to blame God, because He is invisible and doesn't eat our groceries or watch the game on our sofa. We say He lives in our heart but we live like He is a bookshelf deity. Second is the church. We blame the Pastor or staff because they didn't make it exciting enough, or they never invited me to this event or that class or the other service. We blame the person sitting in-front of us because their child made too much noise in the service, the janitor because there was a ring on the toilet, or the secretary because she misspelled a word in the bulletin. We use lame excuses like, 'But Lord, that wasn't my ministry, I don't feel led to feed the poor!' 'Well I just didn't have enough time, I had to go play Bunco!' and the list goes on. Alan Nelson said in his book 'Leading your ministry' 'When people are spectators watching a few trained people perform for them, they will be dwarfed in their spiritual formation.' If 10% of the body does 90% of the work, no wonder the church is in such peril. Nine out of ten people are spiritually crippled."